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The restaurant has 5 rooms with rich technical facilities and a garden prepared for all kinds of events. The interiors are adapted to the organization of trainings, meetings, industry events, meetings, consultations, company Christmas Eve and integration. The development of all companies is based on good preparation of employees, therefore striving for the set goal is a priority both in catering and in other business areas. The Silesian Prohibition is open to the needs of companies and agrees with the the thesis that trainings and motivational talks raise qualifications. Well-arranged spaces help to achieve success, that is why Prohibicja is a good alternative for all who expect professionalism and support.

Each room has many features in common, together they form a coherent whole, however, each of them has its own individual character and climate. This wonderful atmosphere is provided by unique wooden furniture, fresh flowers, accessories and works of art. The restaurant is also suitable for the privileged and children. All in one place.



In Śląska Prohibicja we offer comprehensive organization of all kinds of occasional parties. We have 5 rooms of different sizes at our guests’ disposal, and in our restaurant we can organize an event even for over 200 people! We will be pleased to organize for you and your guests birthdays, baptismal and communion days, as well as unforgettable wedding receptions, company events, trainings and conferences. We will take care of everything – from arranging a special menu and drink card, through arranging the room and tables, to planning unusual attractions for guests such as trips to the magical and historic district – Nikiszowiec. We offer you our certified Wedding Planner, florist and graphic designer. We believe that together we will create an incredible atmosphere.

Offer for companies

We have a wide range of offers adapted for companies – in Śląska Prohibicja you can organize for your company’s employees:

  • corporate eve
  • conferences
  • training courses
  • workshop
  • business breakfasts
  • industry events


A wedding is a very special moment in the life of every bride and groom!  Full of smile, but also a lot of emotion. It is a time when we want everything to be unique and tightened to the smallest detail. Organized in a unique place. We want such a place for our guests to be Śląska Prohibicja. The restaurant is located in the historic, extremely climatic district of Katowice, Nikiszowiec.

For couples who decide to organize this unique event in our restaurant, we offer the opportunity to organize a party in three different styles:

  • The Great Gatsby
  • Żyniaczka

We invite you to get to know our proposals in detail! And what did the first wedding reception organized in Śląska Prohibicja look like? We invite you to have a look at the gallery!


This is definitely the sweetest room in our restaurant! Full of pastels, magical forms, filled to the brim with the delicious aroma of baked cakes, cupcakes and other sweet snacks.

This is the kingdom of young, talented Candy Bakers, who can conjure up any kind of sweets for restaurant guests! Heavy chocolate brownie, fancy tarts, crispy cakes, sweet mousse…

In Śląska you will taste many delicious homemade desserts. Remember that you can order your favorite sweets and take them home! Now even more sweet surprises in the restaurant. Check out the new, unique offer of cakes and let yourself be surprised!


Wine store

Inside Silesian Prohibition, just behind our bar, we have created a place where the tastes of Georgia, Chile, Italy, France, but also Poland have been tightly corked in bottles and are waiting to tell their stories. Wines, because it is about them, come to us from vineyards around the world and live in a place specially prepared for them. Every day they tempt with their fancy names, color and aroma – after opening – they intrigue with their taste, perfectly complementing the taste of meat, veg dishes and desserts.

Who if not a sommelier knows best about wine? A good restaurant can be recognised not only by the type of dishes served by its staff but also by the type of beverages it offers. Wine pairing is the art of composing dishes with alcohol, which is backed by a sommelier’s vast knowledge and experience. In Silesian Prohibition you will meet both great wine and wonderful service, which will be happy to advise you in choosing the right item.

We invite you to our store with wines. Here you will find the most respected labels, table wines, dessert and liqueur wines. Your favorites. Wines perfect for you, for loved ones, for a special occasion. Carefully selected, beautifully packaged, now they can be on your table and diversify every evening. Check what we have prepared for you.


When staying for a longer time in beautiful Nikiszowiec, you have to think about accommodation, preferably in the scenery of former worker colonies. There are two wonderful apartments near Śląska Prohibicja, where every guest can relax and unwind after an eventful day.

Fully equipped, tastefully decorated, luxurious Hornigold apartments encourage guests to visit. Spacious lounges, comfortable beds, kitchenettes with access to kitchen equipment, richly equipped bathrooms guarantee that the time spent in Hornigold will be unforgettable. Privacy, safety and competitive prices are a priority.

If guests spend time outside of the climatic Nikiszowiec, they can use the Hornigold apartments located in Katowice. There are 39 design areas available.

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