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Are you looking for a place where tradition meets modernity and passion and experience are served on a plate in a form of unique dishes? Be sure to visit Silesian Prohibition! We are open again and invite you to take part in our culinary adventure. We serve dishes from our new menu in which you will find both favorite Silesian classics as well as plenty of novelties. Start your journey with a perfectly composed appetizer, then move on to the real feast. Top it all off with a sweet dessert prepared especially for you.

Remember that with us you will feel comfortable and safe. We invite you!

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Silesian Prohibition cooks and serves! We invite you to place orders for dishes from the menu and preserves and products from our store. We serve dishes, which you already know well, and we will surprise you with new ideas of our cooks. In the store you will also find preserves, cured meats, sweets, and much more.

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Śląska Prohibicja
in the Katowice neighbourhood of Nikiszowiec

A place where the surroundings of Silesian architecture takes you to a completely different world. Stylish interiors which can accommodate 200 guests in five rooms, live music played during weekend evenings, weddings, receptions or concerts of outstanding musicians – all this makes the world of Śląska Prohibicja a memorable place.

And what is most important – excellent dishes of Silesian food in the original version of Chef’s Chef – winner of the 5th edition of the MasterChef TVN programme, Magdalena Nowaczewska. The flavours of homemade cakes and desserts which are small works of art encourage you to sit with the book at the big window overlooking the magical Nikiszowiec.

Magdalena Nowaczewska

The winner of the 5th edition of TVN’s Master Chef. Author of the culinary book “Z miłości do gotowania”. Cooking has basically always accompanied her. She grew up in a family of many children, in which great importance was attached to preparing food together. There was always a lot going on in her family’s kitchen, it smelled of food and the countertops were set to the brim. So she was drawn to the kitchen naturally – she would struggle to help and spend every free moment with her mother on preparing tasty dishes for the whole family.

She seeks creativity in the flavours of cuisines from all over the world, which inspires her. She loves to experiment. There are no limits to her kitchen, and original taste combinations are mandatory! She constantly deepens her knowledge and wants to learn new techniques of the culinary art. She feels best in a kitchen inspired by dishes brought from home, spiced with fresh herbs. For several months now she has been in love with Silesian cuisine, which is the basis of the Śląska Prohibicja menu.

In love
with Nikisz

In the raw design of apartment blocks in the historic Nikiszowiec, the history of workers’ Silesia is recorded. Connoisseurs of the history of the 1920s hear a lot of stories about the life of society stigmatized by work in the shafts of steel mills and mines. The fathers, in the sweat of their foreheads, went underground to mine for black gold, their wives at that time were bringing order to the characters of their ancestors, taking care of the home fire of a truly Silesian family.

What’s Nikish’s delight? First of all, his simplicity. The brick walls of the family houses, where large windows are wrapped in red flowers, create a unique atmosphere encouraging to stroll. It is worthwhile to take a look at the green courtyards, which used to house pigsties, were used as feed stores or as steamers, and the green areas became a field for underage rascals. Nikisz boasts a large market square, a neo-bark church, an ice rink, a museum and many cultural and gastronomic points. Many monuments, like the ” Pułaski ” shaft complex, attract tourists from all over Poland. The Nikiszowiec housing estate has also been recognized as a Monument of History and is an important point on the Industrial Monuments Route.

of Śląska Prohibicja

We open our pantry to share the wonderful things that we passionately prepare and weave especially for you. Delicatessen of Śląska Prohibicja are delicious products of Śląska Prohibicja Restaurant, which can be ordered from our online shop without leaving home. Selected pates, cold meats, sausages and preserves – and for gourmands of sweets – cakes and jam will be a perfect addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A childhood memory, a fresh slice of bread spread with a fine paste or homemade lard. Delicious, white sausage bathed in your favourite soup, aromatic, smoked ham, the smell of which spreads throughout the house, or apple pie, which disappears from the plate in the blink of an eye.

Can you feel it? Taste our products and get a taste of true passion.

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