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Krawczyka 1 Street, 40-423 Katowice (Nikiszowiec

„It won’t be just a restaurant garden”

“It won’t be just a restaurant garden” – said Magdalena Nowaczewska, the chef of Śląska Prohibicja, at a time when the garden was only just in the pipeline. “We want to create a place where our guests will be able to relax, drink refreshing lemonade, eat something light but at the same time saturated. After all, summer is coming, and this is the best time to spend as much time outdoors as possible, surrounded by the magnificent infrastructure of Nikiszowiec. This climate, this atmosphere – then everything tastes better.

And that’s how it started. Very quickly – from idea to implementation – on June 8th, a place was created where local residents and visitors can taste a specially prepared garden menu, where you can eat a summer cooler, fresh salads or sweets next to a classic Silesian crane or a crispy bunny. But that is not all.

An alternative to the hustle and bustle of the city

Too hot? No problem! We invite you under our umbrellas, which give a lot of shade, we encourage you to taste delicious lemonade, and for the non-motorized we recommend something stronger. After a hard day you can sit down comfortably in our sun loungers and even take a nap in the hammock! There’s also a children’s corner, books, a gramophone with relaxing music and walking tours – you can take a look at us with your pet. Quiet, green, among flowers and seedlings you can really relax.

The Silesian Prohibition Garden is a great alternative for people who, living in a large, crowded agglomeration, are looking for space to quiet down and gather thoughts. We are open to everyone, all week long. New ideas come to our minds every now and then, so we have to surprise the visitors and they will come back to us.

A walk in the garden

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