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Krawczyka 1 Street, 40-423 Katowice (Nikiszowiec

Garden of Śląska Prohibicja

Summer without lemonade and relaxation among greenery? We cannot imagine it! That is why every year we meet with you in the Silesian Prohibition Garden, to indulge in blissful laziness, hunt for rays of Katowice sun and surround ourselves with tastes and aromas of Silesian cuisine. Our green space is a place hidden among historic blocks of flats, surrounded by trees, lush bushes and fragrant flowers. Here you will find comfortable deck chairs, benches, but also classic tables, where you can enjoy a delicious lunch.

In the hot months an umbrella will protect you from the heat, and music will make your time pleasant. In the cooler evenings you can wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and immerse yourself in reading. In our garden we hold open-air concerts, tastings, fairs and indulgences. You can join in the fun at any time. Enjoy your favorite cocktail, beer or freshly squeezed juice. Stop by with family, friends and acquaintances. Your four-legged pet is also welcome. You don’t need a reservation to spend time outdoors. Just remember – first come, first served!

A walk in the garden

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